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How Can Arthritis Be Treated?

Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with arthritis, a disorder characterized by swollen, stiff, and painful joints. Arthritis can occur in any of the joints, such as the hands, legs, or feet, and the primary symptoms are severe joint pain, stiffness, and a decreased ability to walk and move joints comfortably. These symptoms can… Read More »

Rehabilitation FAQ: Your Common Questions Answered

  Orthopaedic physical therapy can help an athlete following an injury, allowing them to return to their sport as safely and quickly as possible. This type of therapy also applies to rehabilitation following amputation, surgery or other invasive procedures, and can be combined as part of a treatment or recovery plan.  Keep reading to learn… Read More »

What are the Most Common Knee Injuries?

Each day, we rely on our knees for basic activities, like walking. Constant use of knees mean they are always at risk for injury and pain. Knee injuries are quite common, and can occur at any age. Perhaps the most common knee injury is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. This common knee injury usually occurs… Read More »

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