Did I just injure my ACL?

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An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a tear in one of the knee ligaments. This ligament connects the upper and lower leg bones and keeps the knee in a stable position. As with other body parts, the ACL gets weaker as we age.

What is responsible for causing ACL injuries?

If the knee joint is bent side to side, twisted, or bent backward, you may feel minor in significant pain depending on how you knew bent. If two or more of these movements happen at once, you are at greater risk for an ACL injury. This type of injury is common in many sporting activities. For instance, when you suddenly change direction or slow down from sprinting, an ACL injury can occur. Soccer, football, skiing, and other sports with abrupt stopping and sprinting movements, weaving, and jumping see many ACL injuries. Activities unrelated to sports can also be the cause such as falling from a ladder or missing a step on your way down the stairs.

What are the signs of an ACL injury?

You might have an ACL injury if:

  • You felt or heard a popping sound when the injury occurred.
  • You feel pain on the back or outside of the knee.
  • Your knee started to swell within hours after it was injured.
  • You have difficulty moving your knee because of pain or swelling
  • Your knee feels increasingly unstable.

You may have a chronic ACL injury if your knee is prone to buckling or giving out accompanied by swelling or pain. This is what happens over time if you do not seek treatment for an ACL injury.

How is an ACL injury diagnosed?

If you think you have an ACL injury, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor to schedule an appointment to have your knee examined. During this exam, your doctor will ask you how the injury happened, and if you’ve had any previous knee problems. He will also verify your stability and check for tenderness around the knee.

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