What Is Adhesive Capsulitis?

The joints of the body, when healthy, work smoothly and without pain. However, there are various conditions that can develop or be caused by trauma to a joint that can cause chronic pain and problems. Dr. Stephen M. Desio is a sports medicine professional who sees patients dealing with a wide range of joint and muscle problems, including adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder.

What is adhesive capsulitis?

The condition adhesive capsulitis is often referred to as “frozen shoulder” This condition can be extremely painful. It is caused by the tissues surrounding the glenohumeral joint in the shoulder becoming inflamed and stiff. This can not only impact one’s range of motion in the shoulder joint, but can cause chronic pain. Pain may increase with cold weather or during the night when a patient is trying to sleep. Adhesive capsulitis can cause pain, cramping, and restricted movement that can impact one’s day-to-day life and ability to perform necessary daily functions of living.

Who is at risk of adhesive capsulitis?

It is believed that this condition is caused by trauma to the joint, though there may also be an autoimmune component involved as well. Patients who are most at risk of developing adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder include patients over the age of 40 with co-existing conditions such as thyroid disease, strokes, diabetes, lung diseases, and heart disease.

How is adhesive capsulitis treated?

In most cases, patients will start with a series of physical therapy session. These help in restoring lost range of motion and can make it easier for patients to perform certain tasks. Physical therapy may be used in conjunction with certain medications that can control pain and inflammation. Others may use steroid injections for short-term relieve of pain, but this is not a long-term solution. In severe cases, when patients are unable to manage their pain, patients may need to consider surgical treatment known as open release surgery. Surgery may be the only option for some of our patients who are struggling with management of their condition.

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