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What’s Behind that Sore Shoulder?

Your shoulder would win many design awards if we had made it in a lab rather than over ions of evolution. It’s an amazing bit of engineering that allows a wide degree of motion in your arm — everything from smashing a tennis ball to paddling your canoe around Lake Quinsigamond to throwing a curveball.… Read More »

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What is iliotibial band syndrome?

At Desio Sports Medicine, we see many patients in our practice who are dealing with injuries related to sports activities. It is critical that Worcester, MA area individuals take good care of their body and stay active, while also reducing their risk of sports injuries. Regardless, injuries happen, and Dr. Stephen M. Desio and his… Read More »

What is involved in rotator cuff rehabilitation?

Carrying out daily activities such as changing clothes, swapping out a lightbulb, or blow-drying the hair can be difficult when patients have a rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff is the portion of the shoulder that covers the humerus, and when injured, it can become extremely painful. A rotator cuff injury can cause pain, the… Read More »

What is bicep tenodesis?

The body is made of a system of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that make up the musculoskeletal system. Because of the complexity of the body, there are a wide range of issues that can occur if a patient is injured. One of the surgeries provided by our providers at Desio Sports Medicine is bicep… Read More »

FAQ’s about bursitis

Bursitis is one of the most common conditions we treat at Desio Sports Medicine. We work directly with patients to ensure they have the best possible care for their body to function at its best. When problems such as bursitis occurs, it can become painful and impact one’s quality of life. With a proper diagnosis,… Read More »

Understanding biceps tenodesis

At Desio Sports Medicine, we help patients who want to stay active. When certain injuries develop, such as injury to the tendon on the front part of the shoulder, patients can obtain a proper diagnosis and discuss effective treatment options. Individuals who participate in activities that require rotation of the upper shoulder may experience a… Read More »

Exercise options for seniors

Many senior patients who visit with our doctor at Desio Sports Medicine are often interested in learning about ways to keep the body young. Aging can be difficult on the body, causing weakening of muscles, bones, and tissues throughout the body. This can cause impaired mobility, reduced strength, and a lack of overall energy. Dr.… Read More »

Understanding the Process of Rotator Cuff Surgery

At Desio Sports Medicine, a wide range of orthopedic services are available for rotator cuff injuries. For many Worcester, MA area patients, solutions for treatment of  rotator cuff injuries may be beneficial when persistent, chronic problems arise. What is rotator cuff surgery? For patients who have a torn rotator cuff and have pain and have been… Read More »

What Is Adhesive Capsulitis?

The joints of the body, when healthy, work smoothly and without pain. However, there are various conditions that can develop or be caused by trauma to a joint that can cause chronic pain and problems. Dr. Stephen M. Desio is a sports medicine professional who sees patients dealing with a wide range of joint and… Read More »

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