Top Risk Factors for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most people have heard of “carpal tunnel,” but many are left wondering what exactly this condition entails. Carpal tunnel syndrome consists of a pinched nerve, which causes pain in the wrist and arm that tends to worsen over time. The causes vary from case to case, but thankfully a wide array of treatments exists to… Read More »

Physical Therapy (What it is and How it’s Done)

Orthopedic physical therapy concerns the rehabilitation of certain parts of your body after they have been injured, including bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints, or limbs.  Ultimately, the goals are to relieve pain in the area and to restore the extremity’s abilities.  Physical therapy can help a patient restore range of motion, avoid surgery, and eliminate… Read More »

Living with Arthritis

If you’re one of the more than 50 million people living with arthritis, you likely know that it can have an impact on your quality of life.  Affecting nearly one in three adults in the United States, arthritis is one of the most widespread causes of joint pain, inflammation, and more.  So what exactly is… Read More »

Your Rotator Cuff – What Is It and What Does it Do?

Rotator cuff injury” — while many patients have heard the term before, not everyone knows what the condition entails or who’s at risk.  As one of today’s most common sports-related conditions, injures of the rotator cuff can not only be painful, but debilitating as well.  A situation many athletes — and non-athletes — will face… Read More »

Selecting the Best Running Shoe for You

If you’re a runner, you’re likely aware of the importance of selecting the correct running shoe.  For those who are newer to the game, you may not be aware of the connection between your running shoes and the safety and success of your workout.  Not only will the correct shoe provide you with a comfortable… Read More »

Top 5 Health Benefits of Exercising at Any Age

As we age, certain hobbies and activities can begin to get put on the back burner.  For many men and women, that unfortunately applies to exercise as well.  In fact, even individuals who were once highly physically active can begin to put off healthy exercise, either for fear of injury or because they assume that… Read More »

Playing Smart: Top Patient Questions About Concussions

When we hear the term “sports related injury,” we most often think of conditions such as sprains, dislocations and ACL tears.  Very rarely are concussions the first thing that comes to mind.  A topic that doesn’t get the attention or consideration it deserves, it has never been more crucial for athletes, coaches and parents to… Read More »

5 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Running Injury

Running has quickly become one of today’s most popular forms of exercise. Enhancing physical fitness and strengthening the heart, running has been shown to lower blood pressure and help prevent against cardiovascular disease. Of course – like any athlete – runners are prone to certain sports-related injuries. And, when it comes to running, knee, ankle… Read More »

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