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Protecting Your Joints This Winter

As wintertime draws near, the dropping temperatures may tempt you to stay indoors. The prospect of staying around your fireplace and reclining in your favorite chair can be enough to put you into hibernation this winter. But if you have stiff joints, being inactive can do them more harm than you realize.  Staying active during… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2022
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What’s Going On With My Elbow?

Elbow pain can bring your activities to a screening halt. The pain and limited range of motion can make it challenging to complete tasks you would never have to think about under normal circumstances. Sometimes rest and anti-inflammatory medications are enough to help combat elbow pain. But, in other instances, elbow pain can indicate a… Read More »

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Signs It Might Be Time For a Joint Replacement

At Desio Sports Medicine, we see, and treat, all kinds of joint injuries that can be fixed without drastic measures. Treatment for mild arthritis can range from exercise and physical therapy to brace applications to injection and cartilage therapy. In some cases, the best way to get rid of joint pain is to (putting it… Read More »

Joint Replacement

When Might I Consider Full Joint Replacement?

At Desio Sports Medicine, Dr. Stephen M. Desio of Worcester, MA understands the need for both non surgical and surgical joint care and treatment. When patients have experienced injuries to their joints that have resulted in permanent damage to the joint surfaces, joint replacement surgery may be an option. Nonsurgical options are always tried first… Read More »

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May Is Older Americans Month

An estimated 45,000,000 people in the United States are 65 or older, and trauma center visits for this age group are quickly rising. May is Older American Month, and we want to recognize our patients who are 65 and older by providing some tips that may minimize the need for joint replacements and other orthopedic treatments.… Read More »

Do You Need Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement is surgery to remove a damaged joint and replace it with a new one. Damage to joints in your knee, hip, or shoulder is caused by arthritis. You’ll know if you have arthritis because your joints will be painful and stiff. Sometimes you can manage pain from joint damage with physical therapy, changing… Read More »

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2015
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