Exercise options for seniors

Many senior patients who visit with our doctor at Desio Sports Medicine are often interested in learning about ways to keep the body young. Aging can be difficult on the body, causing weakening of muscles, bones, and tissues throughout the body. This can cause impaired mobility, reduced strength, and a lack of overall energy. Dr. Stephen M. Desio and his team encourage patients to combat the common signs of aging with regular exercise and physical activity.

Is it safe to exercise at my age?

Many seniors are worried about causing more harm to their body than good with exercising in their current condition. However, with the help of our team, we can help develop an exercise program and routine that works best for you! With routine activity, many patients can improve, delay, or completely prevent certain problems and diseases including heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes.

To add exercise and physical activity into your schedule, it is important to start with an evaluation with Dr. Stephen M. Desio first. He can evaluate your overall physical health, and discuss the conditions that impact your ability to become more active. In conjunction with physical therapy, he may suggest certain activities that can be performed early on to help build strength and endurance. Over time, as the body gets stronger, other activities may be integrated to obtain the benefits of a healthy body!

What types of exercise may be recommended?

There are different exercise programs that each have a different focus. We may provide exercise recommendations based on the need for:

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility

Every patient exercise program is tailored to their needs.

Discuss exercise options with our professionals at Desio Sports Medicine

Staying limber and active every day is one of the best ways to maintain strength, endurance and longevity during the golden years. If you are interested in discussing exercises appropriate for your unique needs, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment and evaluation with Dr. Stephen M. Desio and his team in Worcester, MA. Our facility is conveniently located in Suite 520 at 123 Summer Street and can be reached by calling (508) 363-6363.

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