Top Treatments for Tennis Elbow

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Tennis is a fun and effective way to keep in shape. However, overuse of the elbow during a game can cause serious pain!  Tennis elbow occurs when the tendons that join your forearm muscles to the outside of your elbow become  swollen. Although this condition is usually associated with sports, it can affect anyone who overuses their elbow on a regular basis. Symptoms of  tennis elbow include excessive pain in the elbow region, and loss of strength.

Luckily, there are a number of treatment options available for patients living with this condition.

Top Tennis Elbow Treatment Options

  1. Rest. The first step towards recovering from tennis elbow is to rest. This means taking a break from all sports and strenuous activities for up to several weeks, so that your elbow can start healing.
  2. Medication, or injections. Many patients experience relief by using pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Sometimes, your doctor may also inject the injured muscle with a steroid, such as cortisone, to further alleviate pain and inflammation.
  3. Physical Therapy. Tennis elbow rehabilitation often includes an at-home physical therapy program to help restore function in the elbow.  Some therapeutic techniques include strengthening the area around the elbow by holding a light weight, and massaging areas of soreness with ice to stimulate healing.
  4. Surgery. Most cases of tennis elbow are treated non-surgically. However, if symptoms still persist after 6 months of nonsurgical treatments, surgical intervention may be necessary. Surgery is an outpatient procedure, which  involves making an incision over the elbow, repairing damaged tendons. Following surgery, patients will likely need to undergo rehabilitation before returning to normal activities.

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