Benefits of Practicing Yoga After Orthopedic Surgery

  • Posted on: Oct 26 2014
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After orthopedic surgery, the most difficult part of recovery for many patients is rebuilding strength and improving their range of motion. Orthopedic surgeons often prescribe patients with a physical therapy plan to assist in the recovery process. In addition to physical therapy, low-impact exercises such as swimming and yoga can be significantly beneficial to the body. To follow is a brief overview of the benefits of practicing yoga after orthopedic surgery.


Following most orthopedic surgeries, patients are required to remain in a cast, splint or brace with a non-weight bearing or limited weight bearing lifestyle for a period of time. Lack of mobility causes joints to feel stiff, which can contribute to pain and discomfort. The stretching involved with yoga is gentle and can be focused on the part of the body that was operated on. The sustained stretching in yoga can increase overall flexibility in the body and help speed along the recovery process by increasing fluidity and circulation. Flexibility can also help prevent future injury.


Yoga is a low impact form of exercise. Following orthopedic surgery, it is not recommended to do any type of high impact exercise that will place significant stress on the joints and bones. For example, running or jumping may cause re-injury or harm following surgery. Yoga helps build up strength and stamina while providing the bones and joints with relief. Yoga can provide the same cardio benefits as jogging can, with a lower impact!

Strengthening and Balance

Yoga doesn’t generally require weights or other exercise equipment. Instead, yoga uses the weight of your own body to build strength. Yoga focuses on a strong core, which helps improve overall balance for the body. While sustaining yoga poses, strength is built by supporting your own weight in positions the body doesn’t normally maneuver through to increase strength. Yoga is both mentally and physically challenging and can help boost overall health.

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