Don’t Be a Weekend Warrior: Why Exercise Progression Matters

  • Posted on: Dec 29 2012
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Let’s face it – we’re all strapped for time. Between work, family and taking care of the house, it’s easy to become a “weekend warrior” – putting off our workouts during the week and trying to make up for lost time over the weekend. The problem is, a lot of folks push themselves way too far and put themselves at high risk for an exercise-related injury. Instead, patients need to understand the value of exercise progression – a consistent, gradual increase in their workout intensity and duration. To help illustrate this concept, we wanted to share a few tips for maximizing your workout and reducing your chances of injury.

Here are 5 Ways To Avoid the “Weekend Warrior” Trap:

  1. Break up workouts. Six days of rest and one day of intense, vigorous exercise is a surefire way to develop an exercise-related injury. Instead, try spreading out your workouts throughout the week. While it may mean moving your schedule around a bit, it’s definitely worth the effort.
  2. Keep your intensity level in check. Those who don’t get much exercise during the week often try to compensate by working out twice as hard, twice as fast and for twice as long on the weekends. In reality, these types of drastic spikes in intensity could be doing more harm than good. Make sure you’re always training at the correct intensity level – it’s your best bet against an overuse injury.
  3. Never skip your warm-up or cool-down. When we’re strapped for time, skipping a warm-up or cool-down may seem like a good shortcut. It’s important to understand, however, these steps are a crucial part of maximizing your workout and warding off exercise injuries. A warm up – like slow jogging or cycling in a low gear – help raise muscle temperature and prepare the body for the demands of physical activity. A cool-down and stretch – which are just as important – helps the body recover from exercise and reduces muscle tension.
  4. Know the warming signs. Pain is not something you should try to push through – it’s your body’s way of saying stop. If you’re feeling any discomfort or feel like you’ve pushed yourself too far, it’s time to call it a day. Remember, no pain, no gain is only in the movies.
  5. Consult with a Sports Medicine Physician. The best way to address your concerns and to find out what type of exercise regimen is right for you is to schedule an appointment with a Sports Medicine Physician in your area. These are specialists in preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries suffered during athletic activity.

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