How to Select the Best Running Shoes

  • Posted on: Dec 8 2013
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Running is an excellent way to keep in shape and stay healthy. Each year, countless runners invest in shoes to help them succeed in the sport. While runners often worry about a variety of injuries, they should never have to worry about uncomfortable shoes.

So, how can you choose the right running shoe?

  1. Visit a local store to find out what what sort of feet you have. Not all feet are created equal, so it is best to visit a local store to determine what sort of feet you have. Many stores now have ways of determining what sort of feet you have- flat, neutral, or high-arch. First determining what type of feet you have can help you choose the right shoes for running. For most, shoes that offer the wearer a good amount of support and flexibility are the best for running.
  2. Choose a shoe that is about half a size larger than your regular shoe size. Running often causes the feet to swell, so choosing a running shoe often means choosing a shoe that is about a half a size larger than your normal shoe size. Keep in mind that if your foot swells while it is crammed into a smaller shoe, your could develop painful, uncomfortable blisters from running!
  3. Replace your shoes. Running in old or worn out shoes can often cause injury, so it is important to replace shoes after every 300 miles. Over time, running shoes lose their cushioning, and stability. Once you start to feel any pain in your muscles or joints, you should replace your running shoes!
  4. Choose the shoe that feels right for you. Today, there are countless sneaker brands to choose from. Choose a sneaker that feels right to you, and will match up with the sort of terrain you will be running on. Before you even make your purchase, make sure to test out your new sneakers. Run around the store to get the feel of the shoe, and make sure that it feels comfortable and that it suits all of your running needs.


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