Do You Need Joint Replacement Surgery?

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2015
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Joint replacement is surgery to remove a damaged joint and replace it with a new one. Damage to joints in your knee, hip, or shoulder is caused by arthritis. You’ll know if you have arthritis because your joints will be painful and stiff.

Sometimes you can manage pain from joint damage with physical therapy, changing your activity, anti-inflammatory medications, and other non-surgical treatments. Surgery might be your best option, however, when your arthritis is very painful and severely limits your activities, movement, and ability to function.

If you and your doctor think you might be ready for joint replacement surgery, your doctor will first want to find out how badly damaged your joint is. He or she will X-ray your knee or use other imaging tests to look at your knee joint. Doctors also sometimes use a small, lighted tube called an arthroscope to examine the damage inside your joint.

If you’ve tried non-surgical approaches and your joint pain is not improving and damage to your joint looks like it needs surgical treatment, you and your doctor might decide that you need joint replacement surgery.

If you’re suffering from joint pain and wondering if nonsurgical therapies can help or if it’s time to think about joint replacement, call us to learn more.

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