May Is Older Americans Month

Joint Replacement Worcester, MAAn estimated 45,000,000 people in the United States are 65 or older, and trauma center visits for this age group are quickly rising. May is Older American Month, and we want to recognize our patients who are 65 and older by providing some tips that may minimize the need for joint replacements and other orthopedic treatments.

Physiological Changes that Come with Age

Wisdom and experience aren’t the only things that come with age. So do aches, pains, creaks and stiffness. Several changes are happening inside your body as you get older

  • Heart rate slows
  • Reaction time is delayed
  • Muscle and bone loss outpace regeneration
  • Healing and recovery takes longer

Any type of discomfort is typically compensated with changes to body mechanics, and these changes are maladaptive for avoiding falls. A fall that may have been minor at a younger age can be devasting in older patients.

Tips for Staying Active and Injury-Free

Taking some simple steps can help you avoid serious injuries that may have you recuperating in bed for a few weeks, or worse — hospitalized and living a lower quality of life.

  1. Intensity in exercising is less important as you get older. If you are experiencing any changes in stamina, strength, balance or mobility, slow down the pace and gradually work back up to a comfortable intensity.
  2. Increase your strength training to build bone and muscle mass. Some of our favorite activities for older patients are swimming, walking and using lighter eights with more repetitions.
  3. Check your shoes. The shoes that you wear affect your balance and posture. It may be time to try out orthopedic insoles or shoes that provide more support.
  4. Meet with a registered dietician to learn about foods that you should eat as someone who is over 65 years old. You may be missing some key nutrients.
  5. Get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Ten hours is even better. This gives your mind and body time to rest and recuperate from the day. If you have trouble sleeping, speak with your physician about natural remedies, such as chamomile tea.
  6. Be patient. We understand that changes to your body can be frustrating, but with time and commitment, you will find that your strength and stamina improve significantly.

Learn More About Orthopedic Treatments for Seniors. Contact Desio Sports Medicine.

To learn more about our exercise program for seniors, rehabilitation for rotator cuff injuries and other services, contact Desio Sports Medicine to schedule an appointment. We are located in Worchester, Massachusetts, and you can call us at (508) 363-6363.

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