Protecting Your Joints This Winter

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2022
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caucasian women with long black and tied hair in a sports leggings and a white T-shirt and sneakers doing exercise by running on the electric treadmill in the fitness roomAs wintertime draws near, the dropping temperatures may tempt you to stay indoors. The prospect of staying around your fireplace and reclining in your favorite chair can be enough to put you into hibernation this winter. But if you have stiff joints, being inactive can do them more harm than you realize. 

Staying active during the winter months presents a unique challenge for several reasons, but it’s crucial to keep in motion to help your joints stay healthy. Here are a few ways you can do that and protect your joints as the temperature drops.

Walk On a Treadmill

It makes sense not to want to go for a job when the temperature falls below 50 degrees, but making a simple modification to your regimen can be an effective way to stay active. Walking indoors can be a great way to exercise without being too hard on your joints. Also, it shields you from the elements, providing you with a fitness option that keeps you comfortable.

Visit An Indoor Pool

While going for a swim may be the furthest thing from your mind during this time of year, it can still provide your joints with some significant benefits. Many studies prove that swimming helps those who suffer from joint pain because the water buoyancy reduces gravity’s effects on your joints and helps relieve pain. Also, taking a trip to your local pool can help you if you struggle with range-of-motion exercises. 

Being in the water can help with your range of motion because the water minimizes the strain on your joints that specific movements can bring.

Before you rule out the idea of going to the pool, consider how it can help you stay active and give you some pain relief this winter.


Another low-impact exercise you can add to your repertoire is indoor cycling. Even if you don’t have an exercise bike at home, it’s worth paying a visit to your local gym for a cycling session as a low-impact way to care for your joints.

Also, cycling is an excellent way to strengthen the muscles around your knee, providing stability and helping with the range of motion.

Wintertime doesn’t have to cause you to be stagnant and suffer from joint pain. A strong regimen can make a difference in having healthy joints.

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