Runner’s Knee: It’s not just for runners

Knee Treatment Worcester, MAIf you are an avid biker, jogger, or do any activity that requires a lot of knee bending, you can get runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is typified by an aching pain centered in the kneecap. It is a general term used to describe one of several knee issues.

How Runner’s Knee Happens

  • Unbalanced or weak thigh muscles. On the front of your thigh, you have muscles called quadriceps. These are necessary to keep your kneecap stable when you bend or stretch. If these muscles become weak or tight, they cannot stabilize the kneecap as well.
  • Feet problems. Hypermobile feet, fallen arches, or overpronation can all inhibit the way you walk and contribute to knee pain.
  • When the bones in your body are not properly aligned, you can put too much pressure on specific areas in the joint. Specifically, if one or a few of the bones from your ankles to your hips are out of line, you will feel increased pressure on your kneecap.
  • A direct hit to the knee. If you take a hard fall or get hit in the knee, you may experience pain associated from runner’s knee.
  • Exercises that constantly use your joints can create added pressure to the kneecap area. For instance, lunges and plyometrics can contribute to runner’s knee.

Treatment for Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee will typically heal on its own with the proper treatment and patience. To assist the recovery process, consider the following:

  • Avoid any activity that increases your knee pain such as lunging, running, or sitting and standing for an extended period.
  • Ice your knee for 2-3 days for half an hour, every four hours, until the pain recedes.
  • Wrap your knee using an elastic bandage or patellar straps to provide additional support.
  • When lying down or sitting, elevate your leg on a pillow.
  • Take drugs that fight inflammation like ibuprofen or naproxen. These will also assist with swelling and help diminish pain.

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