Can My Torn Meniscus Heal Itself?

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2023
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male runner wearing black training outfit touching his leg in pain with clasped handsIf you’ve torn your meniscus, there is a strong chance you want to find the safest and quickest treatment method to help get you back on your feet. A torn meniscus can make it painful to move and go about your everyday activities, making it essential for you to get treatment. If you want to avoid surgery, you may be curious about a meniscus tear healing on its own. The answer depends on your situation and the severity of your injury. Here are a few points on the nature of meniscus tears and how you can decide on the best treatment options.

Should I Let My Meniscus Heal Itself?

Many believe that leaving their injury alone will eventually allow it to heal itself, but the type of meniscus tear you suffer plays a pivotal role in the healing process. For instance, tears toward the inner meniscus are unique because they cannot heal independently. Inner meniscus tears may require surgery because the blood supply to the area does not bring enough healing-promoting nutrients to promote healing. By contrast, outer meniscus tears benefit from a rich blood supply, allowing the meniscus tissues to regenerate over time and help with the healing process. Thus, location as well as type of tear plays an important role in the ability of a meniscus to heal.

What Happens If I Leave a Torn Meniscus Untreated?

Whatever your reasoning for opting against treating a torn meniscus, there are risks associated with leaving the tear alone without treatment.  If you avoid having your injury treated, you can expose yourself to long-term issues that can be debilitating. Some of the long-standing complications that you can face after a torn meniscus can include arthritis, osteoporosis, and further tearing of the meniscus. 

At Desio Sports Medicine, our office specializes in treating injuries like a torn meniscus and can help restore your quality of life. We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment of meniscus injuries.

Treating a Torn Meniscus

Dr. Desio can work with you to help determine the best treatment options to help you heal. In some cases, rounds of physical therapy can help strengthen your knee and restore your range of motion while you recover. In other situations, surgical procedures may be necessary to help with your recovery. 

If the thought of long recovery times is a concern, our office can provide you with minimally invasive surgical options that can help ease your worries and help get you on your feet a little faster.

To learn more about your treatment options, please reach out to our Worcester office. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 508.363.6363.

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