Tips for Handling a Meniscus Tear

Meniscus Tear

Meniscus tears are one of the most common knee injuries in both athletes and non athletes. The meniscus can be torn easily if there has been a strong twist or rotation of the knee, typical in many active sports. Each knee has two menisci which are pieces of cartilage that cushion areas between the shinbone and thighbone. When this cartilage is torn, it results in the following symptoms:

• Pain when moving the knee

• Swelling or stiffness

• Lack of knee motion

• Difficulty extending the knee

• A popping sensation

• A sensation of a locked knee

Anyone can injure their one or both of the menisci, though likelihood is increased in patients who are in active sports. When the condition arises, it may be painful. In most cases, however, the condition can be treated without surgery. As with many injuries, the RICE acronym can help a patient care for their knee injury. RICE stands for “rest, ice, compression, elevation.” By following these steps for several days, patients can often reduce the need for a medical evaluation.

Unfortunately, some patients who have severely tore their meniscus or are not recovering from their condition in a timely manner may need to seek medical help to discuss the possibility of surgery. A diagnosis of the condition is typically achieved with imaging from x-rays and MRIs to validate the injury. Some doctors may even use a special scope called an arthroscope to evaluate the knee area. Patients who require surgery are those who are unable to treat the condition on their own, experience increased problems with their knee, or if traditional therapies and physical exercises have not improved the problem. During surgery, the meniscus may be trimmed. Following any surgical procedure, patients will need to follow up with physical therapy and exercises to strengthen the area and stabilize the knee for full recovery.

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