Rotator Cuff Surgery for Repairing Torn Tendons

Rotator cuff surgery offers a surgical option for patients who have experienced some type of rotator cuff injury. This procedure helps patients get their tendons repaired and can relieve discomfort and pain.

This simple procedure is carried out using general anesthesia or local anesthesia and does not require the patient to stay at the hospital. There are primarily three methods used in carrying out this surgery. The method used depends on several factors such as quality of tendons, severity of injury, the surgeon’s experience with the particular method, etc.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Options

The three options for rotator cuff surgery include:

  • Open repair: An open repair is used to particularly repair large tears or tendon injuries. Here, large incisions are made over the patient’s shoulder to remove the deltoid (shoulder muscle). This provides the surgeon with access to the affected tendon. The procedure further involves removing bone spurs from the bone on the shoulder blade. The open repair method is advisable if there is tendon transfer or reconstruction required.
  • All-arthroscopic repair: Also known as arthroscopy, this method involves using a camera to guide the surgery. The surgeon inserts a camera known as an arthroscope, which transmits video onto a screen. The video helps the surgeon guide precision based surgical instruments to carry out the procedure. Incisions made in this method are small and precise, making it the least invasive option for rotator cuff surgery.
  • Mini-open repair: This method involves making small incisions about 3 to 5 centimeters long using state of the art equipment. Similar to arthroscopy, a camera is used to analyze the internal structure. In fact, the arthroscope itself maybe used to remove bone spurs from the shoulder blade bone. The advantage is that the deltoid muscle does not have to be moved. Once the bone spurs are removed, the surgeon moves onto fixing the rotator cuff by accessing it through the mini incision. However, the tendon repair is carried out directly and not through the screen.

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