What Does Rotator Cuff Surgery Involve?

A bad rotator cuff injury can be painful and even debilitating. When the connector tissue in the tendon separates from the bone or develops a tear, it can cause initial discomfort that develops into pain and gradually worsens. In extreme cases, it can even cause a loss of ability to fully use the shoulder. In cases where non-surgical methods have failed to provide relief or when the injury is interfering with a person’s ability to function normally, the doctor may recommend rotator cuff surgery. Rotator cuff surgery can help restore mobility of the shoulder and reduce the pain from the tear or damage. It is best done within a couple of weeks of the injury.

What You Need To Know About Rotator Cuff Repair

Here’s a quick look at what happens when you undergo rotator cuff surgery.

  • Inserting the arthroscope: This surgery is conducted using a minimally invasive tube attached with camera and light, called an arthroscope. The tube is inserted via tiny incisions near the injured joint.
  • Clearing up debris: During the procedure, the surgeon will remove any debris and tendon fragments, create room for the tendon and finally sew the tendon to the humerus (the top of the arm bone).
  • Reattaching the tendon: During rotator cuff surgery, the doctor reattaches your tendon to the place where it tore off from. Anchors and sutures are used to secure the tendon to the bone.

This technique allows almost all patients to return home the same day. Only in cases where major work is needed, will there be an open shoulder procedure with a bigger incision.

The results of rotator cuff surgery: After rotator cuff repair, patients have noted a reduction in the pain they experience and are able to gradually recover use of the shoulder. Early on, you will find better motion as well as strengthening of the area. The success of the procedure rests equally on your following the prescribed physical therapy routine/sessions. Some flexing, followed by specific exercises and eventually strengthening exercises will be taught to you by a professional.

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