Do I Really Need Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy Worcester, MAYou may have sent the last few weeks or months resting and recuperating after an injury. Now that the finish line is within sight, you may be asking if you need physical therapy. After all, the bones, ligaments and other tissues are healing nicely, and you are doing pretty well with getting around. Believe it or not, physical therapy has some surprising benefits that may have you looking forward to the experience.

Walk and Balance Better

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend player, you can benefit from learning better body mechanics to help you perform better, recover faster and reduce injuries. Physical therapy is a science that focuses on the synergy between your skeleton, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A therapist can recognize even the subtlest abnormalities in the way that you walk and move. Using proper body mechanics helps your body resist any forces exerted upon it, and this improves your balance in every situation.

Let’s Not Forget the Nerves

The nerves of your body travel through other anatomical structures, and this design makes them prone to impingement, more commonly known as a “pinched nerve.” Tingling, sharp pain, numbness, and throbbing are all signs of nerve impingement. Pinched nerves can also limit your mobility without any discomfort present. A physical therapist recognizes the signs of nerve impingement and recommends exercises to address the problem.

Medications and Surgery

No one likes to take medications, and some pain medications have serious side effects. Surgery is an invasive option that causes tissue trauma and scarring. Both of these factors are considered in your personalized physical therapy treatment plan. You may be able to reduce your medications and avoid surgery altogether.

Cost Effective

Insurance companies know the financial benefits of physical therapy. Without physical therapy, you may need ongoing care with a specialist because your body is not healing properly, or you are compensating for your injury.

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