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physical therapy Worcester, MAIf you’ve been injured recently, and even needed surgery, you might be recommended to see a physical therapist. Physical therapists are trained experts who can help you recover from your injury, focusing on rehabilitating the normal function and movement of the body part that’s been injured. If you’ve been recommended to see a physical therapist, or are thinking you might need one, keep reading to learn more about physical therapy and how you can prepare for your first appointment.

What should I expect during my visit to the physical therapist?

Your first visit with a physical therapist should be pretty straight forward. You’ll inform them of your general health and what’s bringing you in, whether it’s a new or an older injury. If your doctor or surgeon has referred you, then they may already have some of this preliminary information, though. Sometimes your first visit will actually consist of tests and exercises, too. Expect to move around a little bit, so don’t be surprised when they ask you to try a few things out.

What kind of treatment should I expect?

There are so many different methods and tools that inform how your physical therapist will work with you on your specific concern or injury. That being said, your injury will affect how your treatments go. Some things you may expect are water therapy, inclined boxes or ramps, cold packs, heat packs, and focused exercises. Performing these therapeutic exercises with your trainer helps them isolate the muscles that need work, and also shows you how to perform the exercises correctly when you’re at home. Following instructions and performing your exercises will help you recover faster.

What should I wear to my appointments?

Since you might be jumping right in to exercises, it’s a good idea to wear or bring exercise clothing. If you don’t have exercise clothes, loose-fitting clothes like scrubs or pajamas might also be a good back-up option. Bring athletic shoes if you have them, too. Your physical therapist will let you know after your first appointment what you should wear.

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