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You’ve likely tried a yoga class at least once in your life, but you may not be the type to call yourself a yogi. And this workout/meditation technique has been becoming more popular over the last decades. It is now a solid part of many sports injury prevention programs.

What once was considered a silly, hippie thing is solidly mainstream, and we’re learning why it’s so good for us. But, why are so many people obsessed with yoga? Some devotees claim that yoga gives you better strength and helps stretch out muscles to keep you flexible. Keep reading to learn about yoga and how it may be able to help keep you healthy enough to prevent some injuries.

Lower Stress

Doing yoga on a regular basis has been linked to lower levels of stress, likely because of this workout’s incorporation of meditation and breathing techniques. Taking deeper breaths and practicing meditation techniques encourage a lower heart rate and help you learn to manage your stress better. When you’re working through stress better, you’re less likely to make quick decisions that may lead to injuries. And a lower heart rate is going to help you keep your heart healthy for longer.

Maintain Flexibility

Many yoga poses stretch out your muscles. During your first few classes, you might notice muscles that you haven’t used in a long time. You may be quite sore, and surprised. Stretching (of course) encourages better flexibility, and if you commit to doing yoga over a few months you will likely notice your flexibility increasing. 

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has stated that the benefits of Yoga outweigh the potential risks as long as you take appropriate precautions. Do not force stretches, and never push or stretch into painful positions.

Boost Strength

Yoga is so much more than a calm meditation. Much of yoga is designed to work your muscles. You may work up a sweat, depending on which type of yoga you choose to do. You’re likely to notice you’re working up a sweat as you hold a plank pose or practice handstands.

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