Do I Have a Rotator Cuff Injury?

Rotator Cuff Repair Worcester, MAPain in the shoulder may start creeping up on you, so slowly that you don’t even notice when it started. In patients who are a little bit older, this may come from repeated movements that have worn out the tendons that help keep your shoulder working properly.

Pain, weakness, or crunching sounds in your shoulder may actually signal an injury of the rotator cuff–the group of muscles that hold your shoulder in its socket. Keep reading to learn about rotator cuff injuries.

What is it?

A torn rotator cuff refers to a torn tendon in the shoulder. Essentially, you have four tendons that connect your upper arm bone (called the humerus) to your collarbone (called the clavicle) and shoulder blade (called the scapula). When one of these is injured, you may experience pain or weakness in the shoulder.


There are two main types of causes of a rotator cuff injury. The first is an injury due to a fall or accident. If you fall and break your collarbone, for example, one of the tendons may also be torn in the fall. Lifting something heavy too quickly can also cause a rotator cuff tear. This kind of tear is referred to as an acute tear.

The other type of rotator cuff tear comes from repetitive use. Many vocations involve repetitive movements, which can wear down tendons over time. Pitchers, tennis players, painters, and carpenters are also at increased risk of rotator cuff injury. Essentially, if you make a lot of repetitive movements above your head, you are at an increased risk of rotator cuff injury.


There are some telltale signs that you have a rotator cuff injury such as:

  • Pain with specific movements, especially lifting or lowering your arm
  • Pain while lying on the affected shoulder, or even just when you’re resting
  • Weakness while lifting or rotating the affected arm
  • Cracking sounds or sensation when moving your arm around

If you think you have a torn rotator cuff, call us today at (508) 363-6363 to schedule a consultation. We can help identify and treat a torn rotator cuff and get you back into working gear.

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