Understanding biceps tenodesis

At Desio Sports Medicine, we help patients who want to stay active. When certain injuries develop, such as injury to the tendon on the front part of the shoulder, patients can obtain a proper diagnosis and discuss effective treatment options. Individuals who participate in activities that require rotation of the upper shoulder may experience a condition called biceps tendonitis. This condition is a shoulder disability that can cause extreme pain. It is seen most often in patients who participate in sports such as swimming, basketball, and tennis. If the condition does not respond well to traditional non-surgical approaches, such as physical therapy and medication management, it instead may require a surgical procedure performed by our team called biceps tenodesis.

What is biceps tenodesis?

The term biceps tenodesis is the name of the surgical procedure used to repair damage to the biceps tendon. This procedure is performed arthroscopically to reduce scarring. During the surgery, Dr. Stephen M. Desio will release the tendon from inside the shoulder joint and reattach it directly to the upper arm bone. This allows the tendon to be repositioned in a way to allow overhead arm activity. Very small incisions and surgical instruments are used to make this repair, and it provides far less pain and complications than more invasive surgical interventions. Patients who have this procedure performed have a greater chance of being  free from pain, cramping, and cosmetic deformities.

What can I expect from recovery following biceps tenodesis?

Most patients will enjoy an exceptional outcome from this arthroscopic surgery. Patients will be recommended for a rehabilitation program through physical therapy to restore strength and improve range of motion. When patients are fully recovered, they are often able to perform their desired activities once again, typically after a few months of therapy.

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